A Brave New Artworld by John Paul Pryor


How Scarlett Raven made sense of the world through painting. And then reinvigorated it with technology.

As a young girl, Scarlett Raven’s dyslexia was so profound she could only communicate using art. She deciphered the real world by reading between the lines. Through painting, she rebuilt the world in a way she understood. Imaginary conversations with Frida Kahlo also helped.


The true beauty and profundity of art is as much about what is hidden, or imagined, as it is directly portrayed or communicated.

It is precisely these ambiguous spaces between the lines of experience -- and the intangible elements at the heart of any form of expression - that she seeks to explore.  Scarlett is an action painter, using hands rather than a brush. To watch her paint is like watching a conductor: sweeping gestures, arms The sculptural nuances of her paintings nod towards Anselm Kiefer. The layers of medium - both real and augmented -- float somewhere between impressionism and expressionism, and free-form manipulation of paint call to mind the Scarlett’s animated style of delivery and canvas-hovering antics of Jackson Pollock.

Scarlett is the first Augmented Reality fine artist, deconstructing the process of painting via the mediated realities of modern technology. Using a digital interface, she takes the viewer on a journey mapping the various layers and stages via which a blank canvas becomes a repository for unfettered emotional impulses.


She pits the past against the present, reframing history and classic painting techniques through the increasingly magical lens of 21st century technology.


Explains Raven:  “My paintings evolve alongside me: recorded journeys of my feelings, experiences, and ideas. There wasn’t this raw proximity before augmented reality -- now you can engage on a deeper level. Now you can see the unknown.”

John-Paul Pryor is Senior Editor of Flaunt Magazine and Contributing Arts Editor to AnOther Magazine.



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