Scarlett has been a professional painter for 15 years. Her textured landscape paintings have positioned her as one of the most exciting female artists in the UK today. With stylistic influences from Vincent Van Gogh, Anselm Kiefer, Gustav Klimt and David Hockney, her emotive works are inspired by her personal connection with nature.

Scarlett Raven‘s work is collected by celebrities including Keith Richards, Orlando Bloom, former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Jim Beach, manager of rock band Queen, Duffy and Lord Jonathan Marland.

She has been featured by titles such as ES Magazine, Tate Etc, Tatler, Frieze, Modern Painter, The Times, Raconteur’s The Future Of Art, The Evening Standard, The European and Time Out. Her paintings have regularly been seen on BBC News and BBC arts programming.

Scarlett studied fine art at Central St Martins in London. As a second year student in 2009, Scarlett became one of the youngest painters ever to hold a solo exhibition at the prestigious Cork Street Gallery. A further successful show in 2010 was Paint at Hackney’s Print House Gallery and in 2012 once again at Cork Street Gallery she presented Flight.

Her solo exhibition The Eleventh Hour at Castle Galleries, Bruton Street in 2014 was in collaboration with The Royal British Legion, commemorating the centenary of World War One and emphasised the importance of remembrance and the enduring symbolism of the poppy. She exhibited her painting in Trafalgar Square and auctioned it at the Poppy Ball.

In May 2016 Scarlett created an augmented reality painting for mental health charity Mind. The painting was auctioned off as part of the organisation’s 70th anniversary.

In June 2016 Scarlett announced the opening of The Danger Tree exhibition, where she collaborated with digital artist Marc Marot to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of The Somme. The exhibition took over a 2000-square foot space in Greenwich, designed to replicate a blown-out building situated on the French/Belgian borders, created by award-winning film set designer Kave Quinn. The Danger Tree went on tour across the UK and captured audiences around the world. Exploring the true story of World War One through paint, animation and poetry, Scarlett broke new artistic ground. The Danger Tree was finally exhibited in 2019 at London’s National Army Museum. The concept Raven and Marot pioneered has been described as bridging a gap between digital and tangible art and they are now considered by some as the world's first Augmented Reality fine artists.

Collaborations have included working with the art supplies retailer Cass Art and the English paint manufacturer Winsor & Newton as the face of their artist quality oil paint.

In 2020 Scarlett released the collection Portrait - The Reason Why I Paint where she experimented with figurative works to depict childhood heroes like Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Vincent Van Gogh. In 2021 she presented The Eye Of Heaven Shines where she manipulated paint to express the majesty of trees, using abstract forms, patterns and sculptural painting to imply movement. In 2022, I Am Reborn saw her her inspired by pregnancy and motherhood. Her newest collection, Lasting Impressions, sees her pay tribute to Impressionism and Japanese art.

Scarlett’s work is exclusively published by Washington Green Fine Art, the UK’s leading art publisher, and is available to buy from Castle Fine Art galleries nationwide.