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Branding themselves ‘The Augmentists’, Scarlett Raven and her creative partner, digital artist Marc Marot, are acknowledged to be amongst the world’s first augmented reality fine artists.


Marc has enjoyed a successful career as a record executive, including an 18-year stint as the president of Island Records. This saw him work with many of the world’s most successful recording artists, including Pulp, The Cranberries and U2.


In 2014, and inspired by the potential of technology, Marc suggested using augmented reality for her paintings and the pair formed the creative banner Maven Art.


With Scarlett painting the artworks and Marc creating the digital animation, the duo conceived their first collective work; The Danger Tree: a critically-acclaimed series of original and limited edition artworks exposing the true story of World War One.


Deconstructing the process of painting, their work appears conventional on the surface but hides an alternative dimension. Layers of oil paint are integrated with animation, graphics, music and narration created by Marc.


The duo pit past against present, reframing history and classic painting techniques through the increasingly magical lens of 21st century technology.


Marc explains: “Our work is highly emotionally-charged, and its power lies in allowing our audience to immerse themselves in very powerful feelings. The application of augmented reality facilitates the introduction of powerful multimedia.”


“We add poetry, stories, letters, diary entries, music and photography to the beautiful stop-motion animations created by Scarlett. It takes the audience out of the here and now.”

artivive .jpg


To unlock the multiple layers, download the free Artivive app from the iOS app store or Google Play Store and scan your painting. The augmented reality technology will strip away the paint and storytelling, taking you on Scarlett and Marc’s creative journey.



Blippar is a free app. Simply download onto your smart phone or tablet. Point the device at the AR artwork to unlock.

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